Insurance & Payment

Our practice has a commitment to quality treatment.  We do ask that payment is due at the time of service to help maintain the practice’s level of excellence and efficiency.
Some insurance plans require that you see a “preferred provider” on their list to get full benefits. We are a Premiere Provider for Delta Dental insurance. At the time of service, you pay only your patient portion of the service, and not the entire cost. As a courtesy, we will process your insurance claim for you.

We accept all other insurance plans that allow you to see a “non-preferred provider” or do not have restrictions on the dentist you see. In these circumstances, the insurance coverage may be less than if you saw a dentist on their “preferred provider” list. At the time of service, you pay the full cost of the service. As a courtesy, we will fill out your insurance claims for you and send them to your insurance company and they will send you a check in the mail. We will always inform you of how much each visit will cost.

We accept the following form of payment:
• Cash
• Check
• All major credit cards (except American Express)